One Year Later….

“Daddy!” Camicazi screamed, running into her father’s arms. Even though he was covered in blood, she was used to him coming home like this.

“Hey baby girl.” Hiccup swooped her up into his arms.  “How was your day?” He held her tight.
“Fun! Grandma-ma took me to see the dragon’s nest over on the beach where all the baby dragons were, but they were all gone.” She pouted, making Hiccup laugh.
“Well, what do you need a baby dragon for when you have Toothless and Stormfly, huh?” He tickled her, and on que, the two dragons came bounding over in their flying forms.

dragon collage
Camicazi squealed and wiggled out of her father’s arms and launched herself onto Toothless snout. Hiccup laughed, watching Cazi and Toothless rough house while scratching under Stormfly’s chin.
“Hey Hiccup.” Ruffnut walked out of his front door, wiping her hands on her front apron.
“Hey.” He greeted without taking his eyes off of his daughter and best friend.
“Don’tcha think it’s about time you came home and spent more time with your daughter instead of running off to fight imaginary fights?” She glared at him, crossing her arms.

“Hey baby girl, guess what I brought home for you?” Hiccup caught his daughter’s attention, pulling a kitten out of his pack.
“Daddy! A kitty! Oh thank you, thank you! Can I get a dragon next?”
She squealed, taking the kitten out of her father’s hands and snuggling it.

“Is it a boy or girl, daddy?”
“A girl.”
“What’s her name? Can I name her?”
“She doesn’t have a name baby girl, Spitelout’s cat had a litter and they’re just now weaned and he said you could have one and he gave another to your cousin Jamie. So yes, you can name her.”

“Oh yay! I’m gonna name her Hvita!” Cazi yelled, holding the kitten up. “How do you like that name, Hvita? I think it’s really pretty and lovely just like you. I think thaf N’ieli and Dacofa is going to likes you.” Cazi snuggled the kitten back up before running over to Toothless and Stormfly who’d shrunk down to their familiar forms.
“Look, Toothless! I have a kitty! She’s going to be my bestest friend just like you are daddy’s!” Cazi giggled as Toothless nuzzled the new-born kitten. Stormfly walked over, sniffing the kitten as well, stumbling backwards a step when the kitten yawned.
Hiccup stood behind and watched the interactions of the most important beings in his life.

“You can go home now Ruffnut.” He reminded the woman standing behind him, glaring daggers into his back.
“You’re making a mistake Hiccup.”
“Not as bad of one as I made when I laid with you before Astrid and I became betrothed.”

He heard her gasp and nearly fell over when she stormed past him, slamming her shoulder into him.

He knew he’d pissed her off. Hopefully she’d back off now.
She deserved someone who would love her and Scottie, not someone who’s heart was dead.
“Where is Ruffnut going?” Valka questioned walking down the path towards the house.

“Home.” Hiccup answered short and clipped.
“Aye, son, what did you do?”
“Just told her the truth.”
“You were cruel to her were you not?” Valka’s voice left no room for argument.
“No, honest. Besides, she’d be better going after Eret or Fishlegs, Hel Snotlout would be a better catch!” Hiccup exploded on his mother.

Cazi’s giggles abruptly stopped; Stormfly, Toothless, and Cazi turning their attention towards him.
“Hiccup, careful.” Valka’s words broached a warning, looking towards the frightened girl.
“Daddy?” Cazi’s lip quivered.
“Aw, baby girl.” Hiccup sighed, his face melting, bending down on one knee and opening his arms to his daughter. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.”
“Why are you mad, Daddy? Did I do something wrong?” Cazi sniffled, wrapping her arms around her father’s neck.

“You could never do anything wrong. Never. Don’t ever think that. Daddy’s just frustrated with Ruff is all.”
“Did Ruff do something wrong?”
“Ruff and I…we just have our differences.”
“You mean cause she likes you and you love Mommy?” Cazi rubbed her cheek into her father’s shoulder, watching her kitten curl up at her Grandma-ma’s feet.
Hiccup froze for a second, mouth gaping like a fish, before he finally choked out, “Ye-yeah, sort of. She’s just looking for something that’s not here.”
“Hm…can I go play in the pond with Toothless and Stormfly pwease?” Cazi gave big puppy dog eyes and Hiccup caved. She had her mother’s eyes and Hiccup was just a sucker for them.
“Sure, be careful.” He sighed, letting go as she swooped up her kitten and went running off screaming like a banshee towards the springs in the back.
“Toothless! Watch her!” Hiccup yelled after his best friend.
“Well now, I do believe ye owe Ruffnut an apology.” Valka walked past her son and into the kitchen where said woman had left a plate of steaming food for the small, broken family.

“I’m not apologizing, Mom.” He denied, following her inside. “She needed to hear the truth. We’re never going to be.”
“Son, I know that you love Astrid and your heart still belongs with her, but do you not think it is time to start thinking of an heir for the chiefdom? That you should find another wife to produce a son.” Valka’s words made Hiccup’s stomach turn and he nearly heaved right then and there.
“No, Cazi will take over for me once I’m gone. The Bog burglers let women run their tribe, I see no reason my daughter can not run ours. She’ll grow up strong and able like her mother and will be the best chief this tribe has ever seen. There’s no need for me to find another and bare a son.” Hiccup growled.

“And what if something were to happen to Cazi?” Valka demanded, realizing her mistake a moment too late.
His fist landed in the wall, splintering the wood, followed a few moments later by the door slamming as he stormed out.
“Oh dear Thor, what have I done.” Valka whispered, a single tear streaking down her cheek.


6 thoughts on “War

  1. Well shit! Astrid and both sons gone. Hiccup is a shell of a man and trying to raise his daughter the best he can. I don’t see him every marrying anyone else let alone have kids. Look at what happened to his last wife and family. His mother and those that didn’t die from the sickness should know and understand why he’d be so closed off. 😦 This is just sadness.

    I do wonder what he’s been fighting. Ruff said imaginary wars…so what’s going on?


    • The fighting bit is actually more for the second half of this chapter I’ll be releasing later this week. I think I need the time to catch up on all of the comments.
      It is just sadness. His mother does have his best interests at heart and she does have her reasons for asking this, however, you’re right. Hiccup is just a shell now, he’s living for his daughter and best friend now. That’s mainly it and running the village as best he can.
      That conversation will be touched upon more in the next part of this chapter at least.
      Thanks for reading.


  2. This is so sad and I am so sorry to see that Astrid and the boys are gone. Poor Hiccup is raising his daughter the best way he can but you can tell he is still in mourning. I think his mother was out of line when she told him to move on and try for a son as I do not see no reason why Cazi can not be tribe leader. I did love the part where with Cazi and the kitten, that was so adorable.


    • I’m sorry too. I loved Loki. He was so adorable.
      I think Hiccup will be in mourning for the rest of his life and she was out of line. I’d feel bad for any woman that married him in his current state as well, although Ruffnut is rather interested in taking up the position.
      Neither do I, the Bog Burglars are led by women, they’re actually an all woman tribe(this is a book reference, actually Cazi’s name is from the heir to the Bog Burglar tribe in the books).
      I thought that was adorable as well. Hvarti is actually Norse for snow. I thought it was fitting. Also, Hiccup is a major cat fan apparently as I now have three cats.
      Thanks for reading.


  3. Oh man! This is so heartbreaking! 😦 Astrid and both sons gone, and Hhiccup is just existing, not living. He’s a broken man and I dont’ see how he’ll ever recover from this. This is just so sad. His mother and the others don’t seem to understand even though they may have his best interests at heart. They just don’t get it and never will unless they’ve been through something like that.

    Hmmm. I wonder what the fighting is all about. I caught onto the imaginary wars, so now I’m very curious as to what Hiccup is fighting. Off to read the next part.


  4. Oh Hiccup. I can’t blame him for feeling dead inside. Losing so much. at least he still has Cazi. I know his mom has good intentions, but come, give the guy a break! He’s heartbroken You don’t get over something like that quickly, or ever in some cases.
    War? Imaginary fighting? I’m glad you already have the next chapter out so I can read it right away ^_^


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