The Witch Part 2

Hiccup stared out at sea, hands in pockets, waiting for his mother. Things had gotten out of hand with Astrid. No longer could he just stand aside. He had to do something, but first he needed answers. He couldn’t let anything happen to his children, no matter how much he loved his wife.

8.6 “Hiccup?” Valka interrupted his thoughts.
“Hey mom.” He didn’t move.

8.7 “What’s the matter?”
“It’s Astrid.”

8.17 “Ah.” Valka sighed. “I knew this moment was coming.”
Hiccup spun around to face her, bewildered. “What the hell do you mean? You knew about this shit!” He exploded on her.

8.15 “Calm down son.” She berated him. “Yes, I’ve had an inkling as to what’s been going on with the child, talking to her mother my suspicions were confirmed.”
“What-” Hiccup cut himself off, biting his lip, and turning away. A sarcastic laugh escaped as he shook his head. “For the love of Thor mother! Just tell me!”
“Do you remember the stories I used to tell you when you were a mere babe?”

8.8 “Of cours-what does this have to do with anything?” He bit out. The scolding look he received from his mother had him groaning and staring at the clouds.
“Yes, mother, I remember.”

8.9 “Seidhkona’s are extremely gifted seers, often revered in our communities for their powers and their ability to contact the other side. We are descended from one of the greatest Seidhkona’s in history, which is why, even though we do not have the same powers as one, we are still greatly gifted.

8.10 ‘Speaking to Astrid’s mother after her actions during her pregnancy and labor, I did a little more research and everything fits.” Valka fell silent and Hiccup waited.
“So what?”
“So, I believe that Astrid is a true Seidhkona.” Valka declared, she looked at Hiccup as if waiting for some sort of epiphany that never came, rather, he grew frustrated.
“And? What’s that got to do with how she’s been acting?”

8.11 “Ugh.” Valka shook her head at her son. “It means, that all of her behavior leads back to her gifts. The dreams are premonitions of possible futures and outcomes, the abrupt change in attitude is when other spirits visit her body to give her a message. She’s just not aware of it. It’s all subconscious and it’s driving her insane. It’s literally taking away her sanity.”

8.12 They stood and stared at each other in silence for several moments before they were interrupted by Snotlout and Fishlegs running down the hill, shouting and waving their arms.
“What are they doing?” Valka murmured watching them bewildered.

8.16 For a moment, Hiccup stood with her, then he discerned what was being shouted.
He didn’t need to hear anymore before he took off, startling his mother and bypassing the two within mere seconds.
“Hiccup!” Valka called after him, but he didn’t hear her.
His wife was in trouble.


10 thoughts on “The Witch Part 2

  1. wow so Astrid’s a witch. A powerful one and she didn’t know. She’s become a channel for spirits and she isn’t equipped to handle it. 😦 I hope they can find a way to save her because I don’t think Hiccup could survive losing her.


    • No, she’s been thinking she’s going insane for a while now and it’s eating away at her soul.
      No, I don’t think he could either. Losing her would definitely devastate him and cause an irrevocable change.
      Thanks for reading.


  2. So Astrid has powers that make the spirit world send message to her about future events and basically she can’t make heads nor tales of them so its driving her insane. Oh man poor Astrid. And how is Hiccup going to handle all this? This is a bad situation.


  3. :O Wasn’t expecting that! How terrible, slowly being driven insane by something that’s supposed to be a gift :/ I wonder how she’ll take that? I can’t imagine her being too thrilled :/


  4. Oh man! Astrid is in big trouble and she’s not equipped to handle what is happening to her. Having gifts like that can tear someone apart unless they know how to use and control them. Oh gosh! Hiccup is going to have his hands full. I hope they can figure out how to help Astrid, otherwise this isn’t going to be good at all. 😦


  5. I hope there is something they can do for her. If they knew this was happening, why hasn’t anyone talked to her? tried to help her find a way to control? Knowing Why this is happening might lessen her sense of losing control and insanity. Poor Astrid.


    • I’d hoped so too. Her mother was the only one that knew for a time, but she’s a tad daft that she’s just not thought to mention it to anyone. Hiccup’s mother though, she’s been researching it for a while and well, her motives will be discussed later. As for Hiccup, well, he just simply didn’t gather the gravity behind the situation and didn’t want to go behind his wife’s back but rather wait til she came to him…except she never did.
      Thanks for reading.


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