The Haunting Part 1

Astrid woke up to a pounding on the door and a missing husband.

“Great.” She groaned rolling out of bed. “Who the hell would be here this early?” She grumbled pulling open the door to a bright and cheery Ruffnut with a little boy on her hip.
“Hey.” Ruffnut pushed past Astrid. setting the little boy on the ground.

“Hey.” Astrid grumbled, shutting the door and turning to glare at her. “Why exactly, are you here?”
“Hiccup invited me. Said you needed a day off. So your sisters are babysitting the kids and we’re going out for some girl time. Not like I couldn’t use a break from little Scottie anyways.”

Astrid just stood by stunned as Trista, Eira, and Halldora came in and spread out, each heading for a respective child.

“So where do you want to go on your day off? Don’t say training cause it’s not happenin’.” Ruffnut turned Astrid around and pushed her out the front door and down the dirt road leading out-of-town.
“Nevermind, we’re goin’ to the hill to spend some time relaxin’ and fishin’ and swimmin’.” Ruffnut cackled. “Maybe we’ll even go have some fun in the woods.”
Astrid ran a few steps forward, her face turning bright red, glaring at Ruffnut.
“Where’s Stormfly and Barf and Belch?”
“Barf is with Tuffnut and his new girlfriend.” Ruffnut said those words with utter disgust. “Who would ever want to date that is beyond me.”
Astrid rolled her eyes, “So where’s my dragon?”
“How should I know? She’s your dragon. You should keep better track of her.”
Astrid gave her a flat look, before shaking her head and heading back the way she came.
“Woo!” Ruffnut ran back and grabbed Astrid’s arm to stop her and ended up flat on her back. “Owww. Why’d you punch me?” She whined after Astrid’s retreating back.
“You stopped me!” Astrid yelled back over her shoulder.
“You’re suppose’ ta be relaxin’.” Ruffnut’s accent got worse.
“Watch it, you’re slipping there.” Astrid teased.
“Come ooon, let’s go and have soome fuun.” Ruffnut whined some more. “Stormfly’s a dragon, she’ll be fine.”
“Fine. Just to get you to shut up.” Astrid agreed, with every intention of sneaking off at her first chance.
“So how’s it been with Hiccup?”
“What do you mean…?” Astrid wasn’t sure how to take that question.
“I mean…ya know, how’s it been?” Ruffnut wiggled her eyebrows, nudging Astrid in the side.
Astrid punched her friend, sending her sprawling in the grass.
“Ugh…let’s just go blow something up okay?”
Astrid laughed, “Sure, let’s go find something to destroy. I could do with letting off some steam.”
Heading towards the woods, they spent the next several hours destroying as many trees as they could.
Walking back towards the village, Astrid felt much better and relaxed, joking with Ruffnut.
She didn’t pay attention, neither did Ruffnut. Otherwise Astrid wouldn’t have run into him and Ruffnut would have seen him.8.4.5
Something about that man Astrid ran into must have been terrifying, because after she stopped and saw his face, not a sound was uttered as her eyes fluttered shut and she collapsed. All Ruffnut saw was a rather tattered shirt before her full focus went to Astrid and she started screaming for help.
Hiccup was going to kill her.




10 thoughts on “The Haunting Part 1

  1. um….that is not good! Not good at all!! It’s nice that Hiccup arranged for her to take some time off. She needs a break. If only he knew her sleeping issues weren’t just because of the babies.
    That guy at the end looked scary. Tattered shirt, horns on his head. This can’t be good at all.


    • No, it truly is not good. He was trying to be nice, but also had his own agenda there.
      I’m glad that’s what he turned out as since that was my goal, I spent a while working on that one picture.
      Thanks for reading.


  2. She needed the time off for sure it is not easy taking care of triplets and she was also having those horrible dreams which made sleeping even worse. That scary guy at the end, is she really seeing him or is this a vision and is this the reason she has been having all of those nightmares?


    • Nope, those triplets are killer for sure. I forgot how difficult they are to take care of.
      Excellent question, bit of both really. He is real and he is there, but he’s also haunting her. Who he is will actually come up in a later chapter.
      Thanks for reading.


  3. :O Is that who caused her nightmares! :O The dragons are gonna be s mad when they find him, or at least I really hope so -.- What’s he haunting her for??


    • Sort of, it’s a tad more complicated then that, we won’t find out just yet though unfortunately.
      Of course they will be, thankfully, dragons have such a long life span.
      That is a question left to be answered much later.


  4. It was great that Hiccup arranged for her to have a nice break. It’s too bad it ended the way it did though. He had no clue about her sleeping issues and nightmares. Man, this isn’t good at all, and that guy looks freaking scary! 😦 Something bad is going to happen. I’m sure of it. 😦


    • It really is too bad, he was trying to help out the best he could. He thought maybe a break away from the house would do her some good, it didn’t turn out that well though. :/
      Thanks for reading.


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