Dragons become Sitters

Two weeks later, and it felt like they hadn’t slept a wink in that time. The babies were up at all hours, screaming to be fed or changed. Sometimes screaming to just simply be held. And always when one started, the others soon followed. And they hardly ever slept through the night and they never slept at the same time.
Astrid was ready to scream.
They had to do something.
And that night, Hiccup came in the bedroom with it.
“I love you Astrid, you know that right?”
She didn’t budge from where she laid, eyes closed, half asleep.
“I think I may know how to get a handle on this, but you’re not going to like it.”
His only response was a rather loud snore.
He laughed, pulling the covers up over his wife before quietly leaving to attend to the screaming babies in the room over.
“Hey Toothless.” Hiccup scratched his dragon behind the ears quickly, before picking up his screaming daughter and trying to comfort her. Loki played with a toy and Lief sat and screamed bloody murder on the floor.


Noticing the quiet, Hiccup looked over at his son and what he saw made him burst out laughing.
“Like dragons do you son?”
Lief had fallen silent when Toothless curled up next to him and began purring.


Camicazi finally quieted down and began to fall asleep on her Hiccup’s shoulder so he laid her down to rest, not disturbing Lief and Toothless.
“Come on Loki, you ready for bed? Let’s let Daddy get some sleep tonight okay?” He cuddled his son before carrying him down to his room and laying him down as well.
He quietly backed away as Loki’s eyes slid closed and made his way to the chair in front of the hearth where he sat and let his head rest in his hands.
“It’s been a long day.” He groaned quietly to himself, running his hand through his hair and sitting back. “It’ll eventually get back to normal, right?” He asked no one, before laughing quietly. “Yeah, right, this is my new normal. I’ve got a family of my own and three heirs.” He smiled, looking around his house that was still growing, the smile slowly falling off his face. “…still miss him though.”
He started drifting off, slumping over in his sleep when the scream woke him, running into the bedroom he found Astrid, backed into a corner with the ancestral sword raised over her head.
“Astrid?” He quietly spoke, taking a hesitant step forward. Looking at him, she broke out of whatever petrified state she’d been in, her face crumpling, she fell to her knees. The sword clattered on the ground, large tears began rolling down her face, terrified sobs racking her body. Hiccup stood there, completely lost.
“Astrid, what’s going on?” He took another step forward.

7.3She didn’t give a response, her only acknowledgment he spoke a simple, slow shake of her head.
Picking her up, he carried her to bed.

7.31“Don’t worry Milady, I’ll fix this. I promise.” He whispered, kissing her forehead. “Get some sleep, Milady. You need the rest, I’ll take care of everything, I promise.”

7.4The tears remained, but she fell into a fitful sleep and Hiccup made his way out of the room, knowing what he had to do.


10 thoughts on “Dragons become Sitters

  1. life with triplets is rough. 😦 Hiccup is trying to do his best to help. Astrid still having those nightmares isn’t good. She needs to tell Hiccup or someone what’s going on. I know she likes to be strong and not appear weak as that’s the Viking way, but asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. She needs to let her husband in.


    • It is rough, I had forgotten how rough til I started taking care of them.
      Astrid is definitely finding all of this difficult to handle that’s for sure. She’s no idea really of what’s going on.
      Thanks for reading.


  2. Triplets are indeed a lot of work but at least they found a way to get some quiet, thanks to Toothless. Hiccup did help out as much as he could and it looks as if Astrid really needed that rest at the end. Can not wait to see how the triplets look as adults.


    • Toothless is a great babysitter for sure, that and little kids love him.
      Astrid has a lot going on for sure and definitely needs some time out.
      Hiccup enjoys spending time with the kids, anytime I let them run around by themselves, he runs off and starts playing with one of the kids. Astrid always goes to read a book.
      Thanks for reading.


  3. These nightmares are becoming very worrying! :/ On top of that, she finally managed to get a bit of sleep only for the nightmares to catch up with her? Poor woman, she must be exhausted!

    The dragons acting as babysitters is adorable, it’s great that the babies love them :3


  4. Oh man! Life with triplets is hard enough. Then, compound it with Astrid still having the nightmares. Not good. 😦 Hiccup is doing his best but he’s only one man. Astrid needs to tell him or someone what is going on or she’s going to drive herself nuts.


  5. Wow! Those are some intense nightmares! Poor Astrid. I wonder what the cause of them is.
    Where is Hiccup going and what does he feel he has to do?
    I really wish Astrid would open up to him.


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