The Choosing

She refused to cry as Gothi, Eira, and Trista took her babies and left the room. Instead she laid there, staring at the ceiling, refusing to acknowledge any who remained until silently, one by one, they all left. She knew they had placed her children on the ground outside their house awaiting Hiccup’s approval which she knew-no matter what-he would give. Knowing didn’t appease the pain though. They had taken her babies and exposed them to the elements, if only briefly. She barely even got to hold her daughter, which she supposed she should be thankful for, most women didn’t get that luxury. She had no chance to even see her sons though.
She closed her eyes as her babies cries reached her ears, refusing to cry along with them.
She knew Ruffnut had suffered so much worse, when her father had almost refused to accept her bastard child.
This in and of itself was just too hard, and Astrid let her eyes fall closed and drifted off into blissful darkness.

Hiccup fidgeted. Toothless laying curled up in his flying form, aesthetic tail thumping the ground.
“Oh shut up you useless reptile.” Hiccup grumbled when Toothless made a sound deep in his throat that resembled a laugh. “How am I supposed to act when Astrid’s in there screaming her lungs out, possibly dying and I can’t go anywhere near her?”
“Things will be alright Hiccup. That’s what all the other women are in there before. They’ve done this and know what they’re doing.” Fishlegs reassured his friend, handing him a mug of ale.
“Don’t worry, the women folk are built for this kind of thing.”Snotlout laughed, chugging his own mug down and going for a refill.
“You realize that, if Astrid heard you say that, she’d take you out right?” Fishlegs inquired of Snotlout who was refilling his mug from the keg.
“Yeah, she’d like-she’d like, make you a baby. Yeah, she’d make you a baby.” Tuffnut sat back with his arms crossed over his chest, nodding his head and looking smug.
Fishlegs, Hiccup, and Snotlout all paused and just stared at him completely bewildered.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Snotlout plopped down in a chair, eating a pastry he’d taken from Fishlegs table.
“It made sense in my head.” Tuffnut defended himself, shrugging.
Fishlegs shook his head and Hiccup collapsed back in his chair.
A frantic pounding on the front door startled the boys, before the others could even acknowledge the disturbance, Hiccup was up and pulling the door open. Valka stood on the opposite side of the threshold, ecstatic grin on her face.
Hiccup held his breath, waiting.
“You have a daughter.”
He released his breath, a smile starting to form on his face.
As he opened his mouth, Valka interrupted.
“And two sons.”
……Hiccup hit the floor.

Snotlout’s laughter was the first thing Hiccup heard as he came to. Not his mother or Fishlegs, but Snotlout.
“Just wait until it’s your turn Snotlout…” Hiccup grumbled, pushing away the helping hands and getting up.
“Is Astrid okay?” Were the next words out of his mouth.
“Yes, she came through quite well.” Valka reassured him.
“We’ve got to hurry Hiccup, it’s time for the choosing ceremony.” Fishlegs held his book, one foot already out the door.
“Are ye alright son? Do you need help?” Valka hovered near him worriedly.
“No Mom, I’m fine.” Hiccup brushed her away, hurrying after his friend towards his house.
Snotlout came running, passing him within seconds while Fishlegs fell behind. Slowing to a stop, Hiccup shook his head and whistled, Toothless appearing within seconds, Hiccup jumped into the saddle and off they flew, arriving just mere moments after Valka got there on Cloudjumper.

choosing 1 Hiccup turned and laughed seeing Snotlout still running and Fishlegs passing him on Meatlug. That was until Gothi whacked him on the head with her staff. Turning he confronted the crowd of people who parted for them as Gothi pointed her staff towards the middle of the group where three bundles of blankets laid.
Walking forwards, Hiccup gulped, unable to believe that thsoe three bundles were his children.
Three. At once.
He couldn’t believe it.
And his wife was okay.
“Do ye accept them?” Assa was the one to ask after time had elapsed.
He snorted, “Of course I do.”
Reaching down, he lifted his son with the same green eyes as him into his arms. choosing3lief“This…this is Leif.” He smiled, handing the baby to his mother. Then he lifted the second little boy into his arms. choosing2 loki“And this, this is Loki.” Who he handed to Fishlegs.
Finally he picked up his daughter.

Screenshot-127“This little one will be our little Camicazi.”
He smiled at her, letting her wrap her little hand around his fingers.
She squealed and smiled back at him.

Author’s note: Hiccup is currently at level four of the inventor’s career and he is at level four of the logic skill and level three of the handiness skill.

glitchShe apparently was trying to eat her daddy’s nose.



10 thoughts on “The Choosing

  1. N’aww, little Camicazi is too adorable, trying to eat her daddy’s nose :3 I know it’s early but I have a favourite (it’s the red hair, I tell you!)

    Astrid still doesn’t seem sure about this whole mother-thing :/ Usually they come around before this point, don’t they? :/ I hope she comes around, too, with three babies in the house things are going to get busy!!

    I love how you’re writing Tuffnut by the way! He sounds just as out of it as he does in the movies, I can picture him perfectly reading this 😀


    • I thought that picture was adorable even though they were overlapping lol. One thing that I like better about TS4, they don’t cut through each other. I loved how she was the only one to get her grandaddy’s hair. I had hoped one of them would get their daddy’s eyes and their mommy’s hair, but alas, they seemed to have a preference for Astrid’s eyes and Hiccup’s hair.
      Normally they do, Astrid will hopefully come around soon. The birth and rituals can be trying on a mother I’m sure. I can only imagine that fear of having to let your husband chose to let the child live or die. Trust me, the house is very busy right now!!
      When I wrote that I laughed, I couldn’t help it. I could just picture Tuffnut when I wrote that.


  2. So…I’m confused. The mothers can only keep their baby if the father approves? What kind of craziness is this? LOL OMG well Hiccup would of course accept his children, Astrid would kick his ass if he didn’t. LOL Boo on her not getting to pick the names (I did for all my kids). All three are cute!

    and wow 3!!!! Do you have the fertility treatment for her? That’s nuts that she got 3 right off the bat. Can’t wait to see who you pick for the heir.


    • Right, during that time period, after the women gave birth in the birthing chamber, the midwife would take the child and present them to the father and it would be the father’s choice to accept them or reject them. If the child was rejected due to the family could not afford and support them or they had birthing defects, etc the child would be left exposed to the elements. If accepted, normally the naming ceremony would take place several weeks later after it was determined that the child would more then likely make it past the infant stage they would present the child to the chief and the name they wished for the child and the chief would announce it. However, since Hiccup is the chief…I went ahead and did the naming ceremony then mainly because I know that Hiccup would have done that anyways. He wouldn’t have believed his children could die so young.
      ….no….I wish I did. She actually had 6 sons and one set of twins before I managed to get her to give birth and save before the game crashed. I’m not sure where the triplets came from. I thought maybe it was the kids music but I don’t think so because unless she was working out or they were having a party the stereo was off. She kept turning it off actually. She seems to hate noise.


  3. Wow you got triplets without fertility treatment, that is rare. I was taken back by the fact that the father had to accept the children and if he didn’t the poor things were left to the elements. Damn! Well thankfully Hiccup did accept them as I think Astrid would have had his head if he didn’t. It does sound like she is having a bit of post partum depression.


    • So was I the first time I learned about it, but it was the way it was. It was so family’s who couldn’t afford the child or children who were seen as unlikely to survive based on having physical aliments or abnormalities were viewed rather then naming them, caring for them, growing attached, and having them die later.
      Oh she would have, although I couldn’t ever see Hiccup not accepting any of his children.
      You’re actually right, Astrid is suffering from post partum depression although it wasn’t named back then.
      Thanks for reading.


  4. Well of course he was accept them, this is Hiccup we’re talking about!

    yeah, child mortality rates were crazy back then, Hooray for modern medicine. No parent should EVER have to bury a child.


  5. LOL! That last picture killed me. 🙂 It was just so adorable. So much happened here. Looks like Astrid still isn’t sure about this whole being a mother thing. It’s one thing when you have just one, but three at once…wowza! They’re going to have their hands full. Can’t wait to see what happens next.


    • This chapter definitely had a lot going on in it for sure. No, Astrid isn’t doing so hot.
      Nope, I wasn’t expecting to get triplets out of that, I had suspected twins considering the way his parents were. Stoic and Valka apparently were a match made in heaven and they just kept making babies and she just kept on having twins, until the house was almost full and she only had room for one more baby, so she couldn’t have twins. I think I got triplets from having Astrid work out to the stereo and it was still playing kids music from when Hiccup had changed it when I switched households.
      Thanks for reading.


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