The Telling

“I think you should go see Gothi.” Hiccup called through the door, listening to her wretch.
“I’m fine, it’s just somthi-” She abruptly stopped as the retching started back up.

“Yeah, right.” Hiccup rolled his eyes. “Something you ate. For two months. Try again.”
Not long after, Astrid opened the door, greeting him with a glare.
“Fine, I’ll go.” She slammed the door behind her, stomping past him and out the front door.
“Grab a cook book while you’re at it!” He yelled after her, ducking the log of wood thrown at his head, laughing as he listened to her cussing fade.
“Well, what do you think she’s going to do when Gothi tells her she’s carrying our child?” Hiccup asked Stormfly and Toothless.

He laughed when they hid their heads beneath their wings.
“Yeah, exactly my thoughts.”


He was sitting at his desk, engrossed in adding to the book of dragons several hours later. Stormfly and Toothless sleeping in front of the fireplace in their smaller forms when it happened.

The front door slammed open. Stormfly and Toothless jumped, while Hiccup spun in his chair, jumping up to meet his very angry wife.
She suckerpunched him in the gut.
He groaned, falling to the floor.
“How dare you?” She seethed, hands on hips. “You got me PREGNANT! PREGNANT, of all things! You conniving, little, TWAT!” She advanced, Hiccup scooting back.
“Now Astrid, you know I can’t control-OW!” A well-aimed kick sent him sprawling on his back, seeing stars.
“As-trid.” He groaned, trying to sit up.

She huffed, turned on her heel and slammed the bedroom door, turning the lock.
“Oooww.” He let his head fall back to the ground. “Looks like I’m sleeping with you two tonight.” He grumbled to the two dragons cowering beneath the sofa.

Author’s note: Hiccups LTW is the tinker, he has to master the handiness and logic skills. He’s leveled handiness to 1 almost at 2. Logic is at the very top of 3, almost four. His career is the inventor which he is still at level one of. He keeps electrocuting himself. 


10 thoughts on “The Telling

  1. LOL um, Astrid dear he didn’t do it by himself. LOL She can be mad all she wants, but it does take 2 to tango LOL. I see poor Hiccup living with a very angry Astrid for the remaining months with her current attitude.


  2. Someone seems to need to tell Astrid, You play, You pay. If she is like this now I really feel sorry for Hiccup when those pregnancy hormones really kick in.


    • Astrid was pretty innocent to start out with…I felt slightly bad for doing that to Hiccup, but I’m he knew what he was getting himself in for when he started dating Astrid in the second movie.
      Thanks for reading.


  3. Oh dear! Now, Astrid, Hiccup wasn’t the only one involved now, was he! Poor man, getting kicked like that :O I’m sure she’ll come around eventually.


  4. I’m slowly catching up here. LOL! Astrid, darling, you do know it takes two to play and two to make a baby. Hiccup didn’t do it all himself. LOL! Sounds like it’s going to be a tense house for a while. Astrid better get used to it because there is no turning back.


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