Floor Plans


This is the bare basics of Hiccup and Astrid’s house. Trying to keep with the Viking theme, I made it with the bare basics and hardly any personal effects because most of the time their personal effects would be weapons and cutlery and Astrid can’t cook. I would have more weapons on the walls but I’m having trouble finding more Viking like weapons to use. Once I do find the cc I’ll add them. The house will be added onto over the years.


This is their bedroom with a cauldron because Hiccup is a witch.



The bathroom.



This is the study area, with the chess table and Hiccup’s desk. His LTW is the tinker.



Their den with the fireplace and books.



The alchemy station which Astrid uses more often the Hiccup.



The kitchen where Hiccup and Astrid are eating their first meal as a married couple(Hiccup cooked.)



And because I don’t have any hot springs or know how to make them, I put a hot tub in the back yard to serve as their very own hot spring.


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