The Wedding

Astrid 2

Astrid would never admit it, but she was terrified and very nervous. She’d already made her lip bleed multiple times this morning-an act to be lectured for every time-and she could barely sit still for the rituals.

Her mother fretted, while the other ladies danced around giggling and whispering secrets of the bedroom. Some of the secrets were enough to make even Astrid Hofferson-soon to be Haddock-blush.

Astrid 3

They had already stripped her-a feat she had found difficult not to object to-and taken her kransen, which she had spoken out on that one. She’d had her head band for as long as she could remember, it was a part of her. But they had solemnly taken it and wrapped it in a silk cloth for her to save for her own daughter.

Her mother wavered between crying and flitting around like a chicken with its head cut off and was not helping Astrid’s own mood in the slightest. Neither was Ruffnut in the distance, cackling at Astrid’s discomfort. Astrid shot her a dark glare, hoping Ruffnut’s time would come soon and Astrid would be the one relishing in her friend’s torment.

astrid 1

It was when the activity stopped that Astrid grew fearful. The grins on their faces-including her mother’s-told her it was time for the baths.

If she hadn’t been red before, she was by the time the bathing had finished and they began to dress her for the ceremony.

She only hoped that Hiccup was faring better than her.

hiccup 3

Hiccup groaned, rolling out of bed, when Fishlegs, Snotlout, Tuffnut, Gobber, and Spitelout came pounding up the stairs before the sun had even risen.

Hiccup 1

Whhy are you here?” Hiccup groaned, pulling himself up off the floor.

It’s your wedding day boy! Time to celebrate.” Spitelout’s gravely tone and dark chuckle sent a shiver down Hiccup’s spine. The smug grins on the other’s faces wasn’t helping either. It was only Fishlegs who looked unsure and nervous.

Fiishleegs.” Hiccup drew out the word and his friend broke.

We’regoingtogoandhuntdownthegraveyourgreat-greatgrandfatherGrimbeardtheGhastlysoyoucanbreakitopenandclaimhisswordforAstrid.” Fishlegs finished, chest heaving and out of breath.

What?” Hiccup stared open mouth as his friend, trying to decipher the words that had just rushed out.

You dolt.” Snotlout sneered, rolling his eyes. “What he means is, we’re setting out on a quest to get you your sword for your wedding.” Snotlout grinned like it was something to be proud of.

What sword?”

Your great-great grandfather’s Grimbeard the ghastly.” Spitelout puffed out his chest, face smug.

Like father like son.

Hiccup groaned and fell back on the bed.

Hiccup waited in the grove anxiously, surrounded by the rest of the village. Valka stood beside him, tears in her eyes, Gobber beside her blubbering into his sleeve and Astrid hadn’t even showed up yet.

Snotlout and Gustav were punching each other in the arm and Ruffnut and Tuffnut were ramming their heads together.

Hiccup shook his head, a soft smile on his face. Despite all the stupidity, he couldn’t imagine this day any differently except for one thing.

He wished his father was there.

Then he heard a roar and Toothless came flying through the air and slammed into Hiccup’s chest, causing the boy to stumble backwards a few steps.

hiccup 2

Hey Toothless.” Hiccup grinned, scratching behind his little black dragon’s ears. “Where have you been?”

I was chasing some fish.” Toothless purred, curling up on Hiccup’s shoulder and falling asleep.

You useless dragon.” Hiccup sighed affectionately, scratching him under the chin.

It was then that the horn sounded and Astrid appeared, with pink cheeks and hands folded in front her, wearing a long brown and blue dress with a leather belt securing it around her waist. And for the first-and last-time, the entire village saw Astrid Hofferson’s hair out of its braid; free and flowing down her back in long golden locks. Her older brother followed behind, carrying a sword. Her father, mother, and the rest of her rather large family making a wedding trail behind the two, all dressed with their best armor on.

Hiccup could feel his heart start racing in his chest and was finding it difficult to breathe. As she came to a stop before him, the world faded from existence and it was only him and Astrid.

That was until Toothless bit his ear.

Ouch!” Hiccup rubbed the offended appendage, shooting his friend a dirty look while Astrid laughed at the pair. Her own dragon sitting on the ground next to her father.

wedding 4

Are you ready?” Astrid grabbed his hands with hers, smiling up at him.

He grinned, the mild pain fading, and together they turned to face Gothi and start the ceremony.

Silently, as no one had heard the old woman talk in years, Gothi waved her staff at Hiccup and turning to Astrid, he recited his vows, pulling the sword from his belt and presenting it to her.

Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone.

I give ye my body, that we Two might be One.

I give ye my spirit, ’til our life shall be done.

You cannon possess me for I belong to myself.

But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give.

You cannon command me, for I am a free person.

But I shall serve you in those ways you require

and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand.” And handed the sword to Astrid.

Wedding collage

A loud sob from Gobber caused the crowd to jump, Fishlegs burying his face in Meatlug’s side hid the tears, while their families and the rest of the village gazed on proudly. Astrid held the sword to her gently, beaming up at Hiccup before turning and handing the sword to her brother while taking their own ancestral sword from him.

Gothi turned her staff to her and Astrid recited her vows, holding the sword as an offering.

I vow you the first cut of my meat, the first sip of my wine,

from this day it shall only your name I cry out in the night

and into your eyes that I smile each morning;

I shall be a shield for you back as you are for mine,

no shall a grievous word be spoken about us,

for our marriage is sacred between us and no stranger shall hear my grievance.

Above and beyond this, I will cherish and honor through this life

and into the next.” And presented the sword to Hiccup who sheathed it in the scabbard he’d just removed his sword from.(Author’s note: Hiccup isn’t as clumsy now that he’s older as was evident in the tv series and the second movie)

Gothi then spread her hands wide, when the pair looked at her she nodded in assent and they kissed amid the roars of the viking clan, finally husband and wife.

wedding 3

(Author’s note: Gothi-the woman in the background here-had a major crush on Hiccup. In all honesty, every other woman besides Astrid was attracted to him, including Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s mother. It was odd to say the least and yet those two started dating on their own.)

Author’s Note:

kransen-a gilt circlet that was worn by medieval Scandinavian girls of gentle birth upon the outspread hair that was likewise a token of her virginity


8 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. aww…congrats to Hiccup and Astrid. Hope they have a very loving and long married life! Cute, I like Toothless. I’ve never played with the dragons before, maybe I’ll get around to it at some point during my going solo challenge. I can’t wait to see how you do this with the dragon angle. I’ve never watched the TV show.


    • Thanks, the dragon bit is going to be the most challenging part of the whole thing with a lot of photo editing, but I’m excited for it. The show is pretty good and it bridges the gap between the two movies, it actually doesn’t make it seem like such a big jump when you watch the show. I love the dragons from dragon valley. Toothless was so tiny in the books. Lazy and egotistical too, he had quite a smart mouth. I’m excited to bring that part in from the books.
      Thank you for reading.


    • I’m doing a mix. The show actually just bridges the gap between the movies, so it’s not that different, but some of the characters that will show up will be from the show and never featured in the movies while some are going to be from the books. Most of the history is actually coming from the books as well because other then once in the tv series, nothing of their ancestral past is really mentioned. That’s actually where small Toothless came from, because he’s a little lazy, egotistical, plain old garden dragon in the books. That, and Astrid doesn’t exist in the books. Neither does Ruffnut actually, and Tuffnut is a jr and older then them. Plus, Snotlout spends most of the books trying to kill Hiccup so he can be the next chief. Sorry that’s such a long explanation. Thank you for reading though


  2. What a wonderful way to start the story, a wedding! Congrats to Hiccup and Astrid and I look forward to seeing their future together. I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I have never seen the TV show or movie so I will be finding out about that along with the dragons as I have never played with them either.


    • A whole new experience then! I’ll have a better explanation in the next few chapters of some of the stuff going on from the movies and about the dragons.
      Thanks, I thought a wedding would be a unique way to start the story off.
      Thanks for reading.


  3. N’aww. tiny Toothless is adorable :3
    Congrats to Hiccup and Astrid – may they have loads of children 😀 I love all the norse mythology you bring into this, what a nice way of learning something new!
    And what a wonderful start, with the wedding. I hope it bodes well fore their future, but given the poses you were looking for I won’t get my hopes up 😛


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