Photo Album

photo album collageThe Haddock’s! Who will soon be moving into their new home, after I build it and having a baby.

crowd 2

So, starting from the left, the man with the blonde hair in back is Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s father. The man in front of him is Gobber. The brown haired kid crying is Snotlout(go figure he cries at their wedding.) Then the blonde hair and yellow shirt is Fishlegs and the man behind him is SpiteloutJorgenson. The hint of white and blonde hair you can see in the background is a very pregnantRuffnut. 



So the woman in the red dress with the red hair is Solvieg Burglar(she’ll come into the story later), the woman behind her with the brown and blonde hair is Valka(her hair will be explained later as well), the woman next to her is Trista Hofferson, the little boy is Starkard Haddock(I could not get Valka and Stoick to quit breeding or having twins! Even with changing the story progression, apparently they decided it didn’t apply to them) and the girl in the red sweater vest is Eira Hofferson.



Starting from the left. Assa Hofferson, Ragnihild Thorston, and then Ruffnut Thorston.

Hiccup 1

(Sorry, they weren’t behaving.) From left, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, Gobber, and a zombie Spitelout.

I’m sorry the pictures of them are so bad, I couldn’t for the life of me get them to stand still. Even with the free will turned off they did as they pleased. That’s not every single person, but that’s most of them anyways.


2 thoughts on “Photo Album

  1. Hahahaha, I love that one of them turned into a zombie half way through the picture session 😛 Always someone who ruins it! 😛

    And I see someone has the same name as you – is that coincidental or is there a reason? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually the game picked out the name, I was actually playing the Jorgenson household when little Trista was born and I saw that and laughed, I thought about changing it but decided not to.

      I agree always someone, but it turned out far better then I had hoped.


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