If you haven’t read or seen the movies, you probably should go and do so as this Legacy is based on the “How To Train Your Dragon” novels by Cressida Cowell and the movies from Dreamworks. There will be some slight deviations due to my own plot line I will be taking the characters in. Any time that there will be something deviating, I will include a flash back though.

It is also going to be a Sims 3 going solo challenge which you can find the rules for here. Although there will be some slight deviations from the rules and I won’t be following them to the exact T because I’m going to try to stick to the old Norse and Viking ways as best as the “How To Train Your Dragon” series will let me.

This will also be a collaboration of School of dragons, the Sims Medieval, and the Sims 3.

I will also include a Viking Dictionary definition and links to the websites that I get all my information from.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I liked #1 way more than #2 though. Should be interesting to see how you do this in sims. 🙂 As for the rules, the we’ve all broken them in some way or another. The most important one to not break is the 1 LTW and 1 career per gen. 🙂


    • The career and LTW should be very much doable I have to say, I think that it will be a very interesting journey doing this in the sims lol. I think that I actually prefer the series to both the movies. They’re coming out with season 3 on Netflix this spring, I can’t wait!


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